Another Innocent Client Helped


When John first came to me, he was distraught.  They thought he had stolen money on the job.  He was a bank teller at Zions.  He was accused of taking almost $300.  His till was off.  He was a newlywed going through the tough transition of being a student, a husband, and a new employee all at once.  He made a mistake one day.  But not of judgement.  He was flustered during a hectic transaction, and gave extra money to a customer.  

When his drawer was counted, they assumed he stole it.  They saw a video of him going to the bathroom during his shift.  "That must be how you did it!" they said.  He was fired.  He was ashamed.  He had to pay the money back.  He had to talk to the police.  He had to go to court.  He had to hire the right lawyer.  He found me.

I got great offers from the prosecutor.  There was no issue of restitution, he had paid the money back.  It was a reduced charge of attempted theft, just a class C misdemeanor.  But he would never get his integrity back.  I went to work.  I used my experience with witnesses to interview him and figure out which customer had the money.  He remembered a name, I googled it with him, we found the customer!  I went to the customer (It was a business I won't name, to protect their anonymity and the fact that they got an extra $300 that day.)  I went to the business and looked at their records.  I saw all the end of day reports and noticed something fascinating.  

On every day around the date of the incident, the total written down for cash matched a number printed on a register receipt.  On the date my client had served them at the bank, the written cash amount was $300 different than the receipt amount.  The only day that happened on that whole week.  My client was telling the truth.  He wasn't a criminal.

After a long process of showing this to the prosecutor and getting a witness to trial from the customer, the City did the right thing and dismissed the case.  John was able to laugh and smile for the first time in a long time.  He was innocent.  He found the right lawyer.  A lot of attorneys would have made him take the great deals.  But he was innocent.  And now everyone who looks it up can know that too.  Hire experience.  Hire someone who knows how to get the right result, not the easy one.  Call me today.


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Mark Edwards