If you have been arrested for a DUI in Utah,
there are 3 steps you need to take IMMEDIATELY:

DUI Attorney Utah Step 1


After you have been arrested for a DUI in Utah, you will need to request a Drivers License Hearing. If you don't, the State of Utah will suspend your license no matter what steps you take next. 


DUI Attorney Utah Step 2


Second, you need to make sure you attend your court date and follow the Utah court's orders for your DUI charge.


DUI Attorney Utah Step 3


Third, you need to prepare the best defense you can for your Utah DUI case.


You don't have to do this alone.

Hire the best Utah DUI attorney you can find.

DUI Attorney Utah Lawyer

At your Drivers License Hearing in Utah, a skilled DUI Attorney can find out about the weaknesses in the case and begin to prepare for the court case. Your DUI attorney can help you keep your license if the police made mistakes or if their evidence isn't very good. The best chance you have of keeping your license is to have your DUI attorney at your hearing.

As an experienced Utah DUI attorney Mark has attended hundreds of Drivers License Hearings and knows what to do to help you keep your license. He knows what questions to ask the officer to learn whether or not they followed the rules. He knows what evidence is good and what evidence is bad for their case.

At your court date a good DUI attorney will help you navigate the difficult and arduous process of dealing with the system.

Mark has been working on DUI cases for his entire ten-plus year career. As a prosecutor he handled hundreds of DUI cases. Mark has seen everything from a DUI on the freeway to a DUI on a Moped on the sidewalk. There is almost nothing that he hasn't seen in his ten years of experience.

Your DUI attorney should prepare your defense using the best experience possible and the things they learned from the hearing to prepare your defense, sometimes they can even get a dismissal if the evidence is weak enough.


DoN'T try this on your own

Get the best DUI attorney in Utah.
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