Marijuana Possession can lead to a suspension of your drivers license.  Let me say that another way, if you smoke pot, you will walk a lot.  

Utah Code Section 53-3-220(c) requires the Drivers License Division to suspend someone's drivers license if they "receive a record conviction" of any kind of marijuana possession or possession of drug paraphernalia (or any other type of drug conviction for that matter).

Why does the government do that?  Because it doesn't want people who use drugs to drive.  (At least the ones they know they have caught . . .)  But there is hope.    

A Plea in Abeyance is not a record conviction.  A Plea in Abeyance for a Utah Drug Offense will not result in a "record conviction".  The case is dismissed as long as the defendant complies with the terms of the plea in abeyance agreement with the prosecutor.  The court takes the plea, tells the defendant what to do, makes sure they do it, then throws it away once the case is over (usually 12 months in a misdemeanor case).

Guess who knows how to get those for people . . .  That's right, a competent Utah Criminal Defense Attorney.  If you want to keep your license, you need to hire an attorney for your marijuana possession case in Utah. who can help you get a plea in abeyance.  Call me today!


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Mark Edwards