A Victory For Justice

I recently helped another innocent client avoid an unfair outcome in her criminal case. She was accused of assault in a case where BOTH parties had been charged. The police literally didn’t know who to believe so they decided to charge both and “let them work it out at court.” My client did not start the fight. My client had merely defended herself after someone else got mad at her. I am SO glad she called me so I could do the “working out” the police said needed to be done. I set the case for trial. The case ended up getting dismissed because the prosecutor knew he had no evidence. Moral of the story, don’t go into court without someone who knows how to get what you need.

I was over the moon for my client. She cried. She thanked me. I told her it is just what I do. It was a victory for justice because an innocent woman did not have to go through the system by herself to get the right outcome-case dismissed. It restored my faith a little in what I do. I can do the same for you or the people you love. Call me today.

This blog post is attorney advertising material and does not create an attorney-client relationship. (Unless you call me, then we can talk about one.)

Mark Edwards