Utah's New Limit on DUI

Beginning January 30th, Utah will now have the lowest blood alcohol allowed for drivers- .05. Currently, the limit is .08. If you or anyone you love plans to ring in the new year with a few drinks, here are some important things they need to know:

  1. If you are pulled over and the officer detects alcohol, they will still perform the same tests. Just realize that if you come close to failing, not just if you clearly fail, you can still get arrested and charged if you blow into the machine (or have your blood drawn) and the level is .05 or above, which can come after just one or two drinks depending on your size.

  2. If you plan to drink away from home, take an uber or a taxi. Or get a designated driver, who really can’t have ANY alcohol with the new limit being as low as it is.

  3. Keep a lawyer on speed dial if you plan to drink and drive on the 31st. You are far more likely to be arrested under the new law.

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Mark Edwards