Jail or Treatment . . .

Get to The Root to Get Results

 Actions have consequences.  Effects have causes.  Bad behavior has root causes.  Is it the job of the criminal justice system to act like a medicine that treats the symptoms of criminal behavior like cough medicine that suppresses, but doesn’t cure a cough?  Shouldn’t the system do all it can to stamp out the underlying causes of the diseases of addiction, or mental illness, or a lack of temper control?  Or is it a band aid treating a wound that needs stitches?

 As a Utah criminal defense attorney, I have had a lot of success convincing judges and prosecutors that sending people to jail may stop bad behavior for a time, but that treatment and therapy can make them stop for good.  But the client has to want it.  I have seen people get their lives back instead of losing everything because they got treatment instead of a jail sentence.  I have seen families’ hope restored because a loved one was sent home to heal instead of to jail to get worse. 

 I have seen people relapse, but more often than not, I have seen people triumph.  Not because I “got them off,” but because I got them what they needed to change.  Or at least I opened the door for them to walk through.  Because I have the experience and I know what to ask for, I can get what you or your loved ones need if you are in trouble and you don’t know what to do.

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Mark Edwards