Do Not Go To Jail, Keep Going Past Go, Do Not Spend $2,000 on bail . . .

If The Police Haven't Filed Charges Yet, You Still Need a Lawyer

So many times the story is the same.  Someone knows they are being investigated.  Someone gets arrested, but then released because charges haven't been filed yet.  Someone thinks they don't need to worry about getting advice until the last minute.  Then they get arrested on a warrant.  Then they have a huge bail to pay to get released.  Then they have to spend money on a bondsman or on cash bail (to stay out of jail awaiting the outcome of the case).

When someone you know is being investigated, scream at them to get a lawyer NOW!  As a Utah Criminal Attorney, I have helped many clients avoid jail and bail (see what I did there . . .) by talking to the prosecutors BEFORE charges are filed and getting them to agree to file the case in a way that doesn't involve a perp walk or an orange jumpsuit. 

When you hire a Utah Defense Attorney, you are showing the prosecutor (and the judge) that you are taking the case seriously and that your are not a flight risk.  You are showing that you are not some irresponsible sociopath, but a concerned citizen who wants to do what's right.  When you hire a Utah Criminal Attorney, you get a better result because you are taken more seriously because you don't look as guilty (if you are guilty at all).

Call me today.  Even if they haven't filed the case yet.


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Mark Edwards