Where There's a Will, You Get Your Way . . .

I recently helped a client get appointed as the personal representative of her father's estate.  In the process, we were able to clarify his wishes and  ensure that what he wanted to happen, happened.

How did we do it?  Her father had created a will.  It was just that simple.  

If you have relatives who fight about things (none of us have those, right?), then you need a will.

If your kids don't get along, you need a will.

If you want to make sure that if you die your kids end up living with the responsible sibling and not the one you don't trust (who wants your money), you need a will.

If you want to get your way, you need a will.

But don't do it on your own.  Call an experienced Utah Will Attorney today.  If you want to make sure it is done right, get help from someone who has written a hundred wills.  Call me today.


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