Not Every Charge Goes Away-Expungements and Convictions

J. Mark Edwards, Attorney at Law

            If you need an expungement of a conviction in Utah, there are a lot of things to consider before pursuing it.  How many convictions have you had?  Were they all misdemeanors, or felonies, or both?  What about enhanceable charges like theft or domestic violence?  How do these things affect my ability to make the charge go away?

            Having an attorney to answer these questions is important.  Many prosecutor’s offices will not sign of on having some charges expunged.  Many judges will not expunge charges in certain circumstances.  Just because you get a certificate from the authorities saying you can get a charge expunged, doesn’t mean it will be or can be.

            A Utah Expungement Attorney can answer all of your questions, and tell you whether or not it is worth it to pursue the expungement.  A good expungement attorney can also present the right arguments to get you what you need.  Call me today if you have a charge that you want to get rid of.


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Mark Edwards