You can contact customer service for Verdant Law PLLC at (801)285-6107. You can send inquiries to 5442 South 900 East, Suite 601, Murray, UT 84117. Your Terms and Conditions for Business Services are on your invoice or contract, but should contain the following:

This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Utah, and any and all disputes arising there from shall be tried in that State in the Third District Court, Salt Lake Department. Customer agrees to engage Company’s Attorney Payment Agent, Verdant Legal Processing/J. Mark Edwards, for all products and services received under this agreement and to facilitate this contract. Customer agrees to allow us to share information in connection with this agreement with Attorney for the purposes of fulfilling its obligations under the agreement and to facilitate payment by customer for goods and services received by customer. Customer hereby acknowledges that customer has the option of canceling or suspending customer’s account, or seeking other remedies such as mediation or arbitration as contemplated by this agreement, or by following our standard refund procedures, which shall be mediated by Verdant/J. Mark Edwards in a manner that is open and fair to both parties.